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  • 05/23/2020
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Florida's Raven Salve' is the rising singer/songwriter that is sweeping the country with her angelic sound. From the Gulf Coast to all across the country, Raven Salve' has impacted the lives of music lovers everywhere and of all ages. Natalie Perez of Skope Magazine described her as "a soul-touching singer who takes her passion for music and makes it her destiny and healing source." Raven is currently promoting her latest single "Cry For America." The song is off the album "Metamorphosis The Transformation." 

Pensacola, Florida native Raven Salve was born Ebony D Weatherspoon on July 13th, 1989. She started to really enjoy music around the age of five and it was at this early age she realized she had a passion that would one day become a profession. A natural musician, Raven started playing the Clarinet around the age of 12, the piano at the age of 13 and also started taking voice lessons at 13. Although she knew since the age of five that she wanted a career in music, it wasn't until five years ago that she started pursuing music professionally.

Raven is just as passionate about her music career as she is for the causes she champions for. In 2014 Raven started a 501c(3) non-profit organization "Women Against Rape & Domestic Violence Inc," (WAR&DV.) Since several of her own family members are survivors of these issues, she wanted to be involved in playing a part in bringing awareness to these problems any way she could. The goal and mission of WAR&DV are to support organizations that are already established and equipped to provide shelter and services to families on a year-round basis. Raven wrote two singles "Victim No More" and "Cry For America", both tracks were written to bring awareness to domestic violence and sexual assault. "Victim No More" is the theme song for WAR&DV, it is owned by the organization and every dollar of the sales goes to support the organization.

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Chris Keplinger

Raven Salve' is Spreading Awareness About Domestic Violence Through Her Music

Pensacola, FL R&B artist Raven Salve' is a rising star who is spreading awareness about domestic violence and rape through her music and message. Her latest single "Cry For America" is currently making its way up the independent charts. "Cry For America," is the latest single off Raven's sophomore album "Metamorphosis The Transformation." The album was released on July 13th, 2019 and has brought the artist's moderate success. The album has helped spread domestic violence and rape awareness through songs like "Victim No More," and "Cry For America."  


Raven Salve' encourages the music and entertainment industry, artists, actors, activists, community leaders, business owners, educational institutions, local, state and national governments to promote domestic violence awareness. Domestic violence awareness focuses on neither the victim or the offender but empowers the "bystander" to help shift attitudes and beliefs that perpetuate abuse. 


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